Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tour de Idaho, Part Three: Boise Bounty

On our third morning in McCall, we awoke to this. The trails we had hoped to explore were mostly under snow, so we decided to head south for the lower elevations and warmer climes of Boise. If those trails were also "under the weather," we could at least catch a movie or hit the mall.

To our delight, Boise was nearly twenty degrees warmer, with clear skies and a bounty of possible activities. Being from Driggs (where we somehow live with no Wal-Mart, movie theater or university), we spent the evening taking advantage of those "city things." Namely, a nice downtown dinner and a movie. There's a cool collegiate vibe throughout Boise, especially downtown, and it was fun to go with it.

Our urban experience continued the next morning with some whirlwind shopping and a stop at Ken's Bicycle Warehouse (great shop, excellent service). We picked up River-to-Ridge trail maps, and got detailed ride recommendations from Ken. It was time for some outdoor adventure.

The riding was supreme. An amazing network of trails are woven into the foothills just north of downtown Boise, continuing all the way to Bogus Basin Ski Area. Walking trails, mountain biking trails, and motorized trails are all sensibly designated and offer fun, scenic challenges. After about twenty minutes of riding, we had the trails nearly all to ourselves. At the turnaround spot, with over 2,000 feet of climbing in the bag, we watched a jet take off from the airport far below and had a clear view of the state capitol. Not a bad scene. If I ever have to live in an actual city again, Boise is at the top of my list.

And so the Tour de Idaho came to a close, as we jumped back on I-84 and headed east towards Driggs. Calling friends, we learned it had snowed there that morning. Watching the temperature drop as we drove, it was clear the seasons had changed. As we unloaded the blazer in the dark at home, elk were bugling practically in our backyard.

The variety of fall is matched only by its purity, and it seems to be everyone's favorite season. We'll be embracing it here in Teton Valley during the coming weeks.


Dave Byers said...

Excellent three-part report! You guys covered some serious miles in four days, wow!

Rick LaBelle said...

Thanks, Dave! It was indeed a "tour," involving a few miles on the blazer but lots of great scenery. It was fun to go with the wanderlust like we frequently did in our slightly younger days ;-)

annie said...
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annie said...

Your leaves are so colorful! We have NO color down here in the S.L.C.

Love the blog!