Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ahhh, Teton Valley Rain

Well, my last post must have worked. Complaining about the prolonged summer heat somehow made it rain, and temperatures have dropped a good twenty-degrees since Monday. It feels good, and smells even better. This photo is off my back porch this morning, showing the low cloud ceiling.

So, this should settle the dust on the trails, initiate Indian Summer, and help dowse the awful Castle Rock Fire just outside Sun Valley (nation's first ski area and great outdoor town), about 150 miles west of Driggs. With luck, we may have seen the end of smoky skies for the year.

Speaking of Indian Summer: I had to include a photo of what's to come over the next few weeks. This was taken last year, during "peak color" week. There's a reason fall is the favorite season for many around here. Actually, there are numerous reasons: cool nights, warm days; fewer tourists; no bugs; hunting season; approaching ski season; snowy peaks, colorful foothills; that unique, fall-blue sky around the autumnal equinox. I'm looking forward to it all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick

Very nice site, obviously lots of hard work went into putting it together. Now the fun part: play and then write about it! Which trail are you on in your first blog? Horseshoe? I can't quite drag that exact bit of single track out of my memory bank! Angus says to post a picture of Bridger.
Cheers, Cie and Dave
PS: we have rain too.

Rick LaBelle said...

Hello Cie Cat,

Great to hear from you! Good eye on the trail location from my first post: it is indeed by Horseshoe Canyon, a trail called "Southbound" that wasn't around yet during your era. You & Dave would love it...and there are others.

O.K., I will soon post an updated photo of Bridger; perhaps he and Angus can correspond somehow, burning off excess energy (and giving us all a reprieve ;-)

Best to Dave, and enjoy the rain back there!